कुरमुरा और पौष्टिक पराठा बनाने की बेहद आसान विधि

कुरमुरा और पौष्टिक पराठा बनाने की बेहद आसान विधिहर हिंदुस्तानी घर में पराठा नाश्ते या खाने के लिए सर्वमान्य विकल्प है। हम यहां आपको एक बेहद स्वादिष्ट और पौष्टिक पराठा बनाने की विधि बता रहे हैं।


खूबसूरत और बहुत पौष्टिक है यह पालक वाली हरी रोटी

खूबसूरत और बहुत पौष्टिक है यह पालक वाली हरी रोटीरोजाना गेहूं की सफेद रोटियां खाकर बोर हो गए हों तो एक बार इस पालक वाली रोटी को जरूर आजमाएं। रोटी में पालक मिला देने से न केवल उसकी पौष्टिकता बढ़ जाती है बल्कि यह देखने में भी खूबसूरत लगती है।


Taste the Koki with a new flavour

Taste the Koki with a new flavourKoki is one of the easiest and tasty breakfast recipes. So, try a hand in your kitchen.


1-1/2 Cups whole wheat flour

2 Tablespoon mayonnaise

Salt to taste

1/2 Tablespoon carom seeds

1 Tablespoon roasted, crushed, dried pomegranate seeds

1 Medium onion, chopped

2 Green chillies chopped

3 Tablespoon coriander leaves, chopped

2 Tablespoon cream

How to prepare

Mix together wheat flour, mayonnaise, salt, carom seeds, onion, green chilies, coriander leaves, and cream in a bowl.

Now, add sufficient water and knead to a soft dough. Cover and set aside for 10 to 15 minutes.

Divide the mixture into equal portions and roll out into thick discs, dusting with flour.

Thereafter, heat tawa and place Kokis, one by one, on it and roast till evenly done and crisp from both the sides.

Serve hot with mayonnaise.


Pooran boli with chana dal stuffing

Puran boli with chana dal fillings are made commonly during Ugadi festival.


For the dough

1 Cup maida

¼ Cup water

2 Tablespoon sesame oil

For the stuffing

¾ Cup shredded coconut

¼ Cup water

¼ Cup split chickpeas or chana dal cooked

¾ Cup jaggery

Cup Ghee for frying

How to prepare

Mix the sesame oil, water and flour to make the dough. Smear oil on it. Cover it, with a thin and damp cloth for an hour.

Now, boil the jaggery using a little water until completely melted. Then, add the coconut and the dal to this. Saute till the mixture gets thicken. Set aside to cool.

Make into small lemon sized round balls and set aside.

Apply oil on your hands. Roll out the balls to make palm sized rounds. Place a spoon of the stuffing in it and cover with another round. Join the edges and then roll it again to make a smooth flat round. Heat a pan medium flame and place the boli on it.

Apply some ghee on it, and cook for a minute on each side.

Set aside on a plate to cool.



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