How to prepare Sooji halwa

How to prepare Sooji halwa

How to prepare Sooji halwaSooji halwa is a very common recipe in Indian households. Elders or young ones, all just love it, any time.


1 Cup semolina

2 Cups gar

¼ Cup Ghee

5-6 Cardamom

2 Cups water

How to prepare

Keep a pan on the flame. Pour the water into it and then add the sugar.

Now, allow the sugar solution to boil. Then, add the sooji and keep stirring. At this stage, add some ghee so that it does not stick to the edges of the pan.

Keep sauteing for 7 to 8 minutes till it changes colour and shift from the fire.

In another small pan, add the leftover ghee and when it is hot fry the cashews and raisins to garnish the halwa.

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