Yummy yellow Besan barfi

Yummy yellow Besan barfi

Yummy yellow Besan barfiBesan barfi is a very ancient recipe from Indian cuisine. From years ago, it is being tasted as dessert after every meal. In some places, it is also being used as Prasad.


1 Cup Besan

1 Cup coconut, grated

1 Cup milk

1 Cup Ghee

3 Cups sugar

How to prepare

Take a flat-bottomed pan and place it on the gas burner. Saute the besan till it becomes aromatic. Add the grated coconut, ghee and milk. Mix well and sugar. Keep stirring till the sugar dissolves and leaves it for a few minutes to cook on a low flame. Grease a tray and pour the mixture into it. Let it cool for at least 15 minutes.

Cut into any shape of your choice.

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